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    Lord of the Rings Roleplaying 5e

    Do you know if this is in the works? It is an add on or what I guess you could call source books for 5th edition from Free League. Is this coming to Fantasy Grounds? I searched else where before making this post but didn't see anything.

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    If you couldn't find anything, then the answer is probably no. But...

    Rulesets like this are rarely done by SmiteWorks themselves, they are usually done by community members or by the publishing company itself. If done by a community member, they usually don't announce it until it is in public testing or ready for release. If it's being done by the publisher (Free League) then you would have to ask them.

    That said, you don't need a ruleset to play a specific game system. You might be able to get away with using the D&D 5E ruleset, but if not, you can always use one of the generic rulesets. Such as CoreRPG, XCore, or MoreCore. You won't have the automation you find in the D&D ruleset, but you can make a flexible character sheet that has all the info you need and manually resolve the game mechanics as needed. Check out those rulesets, I'm sure you can play using one of them if you are willing.

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    I wonder how similar it is to AIME? It sounds like you could use an extension. We have AIME on here. I actually built a ref manual for it and have runs some games in past.

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    My understanding from posts elsewhere is that licencing is likely to be an issue with any of the really big intellectual properties - and the Tolkien estate are one of the most scrupulous and careful about it.

    The sticking point is likely to be that VTT use conflicts with the licences they hand out for the much more lucrative computer games.

    So the advice I've seen was don't hold your breath for any official support for big IP products like this. The TTRPG publisher's licence probably doesn't allow them to do it.

    Cheers, Hywel

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    It will not be officially created. I'm considering adapting the AiME extension to LotR 5e. I think it wouldn't take too much... I don't know, though I don't have coding skills, I just would use Ruleset Wizard and see what I can do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldarc View Post
    First screenshots of what I've done so far
    That looks promising! There won't be any official adaptation, so any community work is precious.

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    Thank you!

    Shadow section is almost complete. I (with some help ) have to apply an effect on Combat Tracker when Miserable and/or Anguished conditions are enabled (the checkboxes are automated) and fix some minor bugs. You can create Shadow Paths from a side bar menu and drag and drop them on the whole area in the charsheet where you see Shadow Path name and Flaws.


    Next would be travelling and the Journey Log

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    Hi again!

    The extension is almost done. I've been working on it for the last 3 weeks along with my friend Noalco, who recently made an entire ruleset for a Spanish game called Tierras Quebradas, which is heavily inspired by Moor****'s novels (both the game and the ruleset are AWESOME, it's a shame they're not in English. You can find the ruleset here if you are a bit curious: https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/1164/view)

    So for the next days we'll be fixing some minor issues and tweaks and I hope we'll be able to upload it to the forge by the next weekend.

    Below you'll find attached a screenshot that shows many of the extension new additions to the 5e ruleset so you have the best experience playing 5e LotR Roleplaying in Fantasy Grounds.


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