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    Images won't open or appear in campaign

    Whenever I try to open an image of any sort in my DotMM campaign, I get the following popping up in the logs. Can anyone explain what's happening? I tried opening a different campaign and had no issues opening images in that one.

    [6/7/2023 4:03:08 PM] [WARNING] template: Could not find template (linkcontrol_id) in class (masterindexitem_id)
    [6/7/2023 4:03:08 PM] [ERROR] Script execution error: [string "CoreRPG:..cripts/masterindexitem_window.lua"]:61: attempt to index global 'link' (a nil value)

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    I went back in to the campaign without any extensions opened and am able to open the images. So clearly my issue is with one of the extensions I had loaded.

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    Worst case comes to worst case, you could just import the characters into a new campaign for DotMM and go from there, unless you've made a bunch of changes to things and bunches of notes\whatnot from the players, they won't notice the difference much. You'll just need to determine what images\items you need to reshare with them. You can even copy over the extensionstate.xml, modulestate.xml files over to the new campaign to save sometime on those items (and of course if they cause an issue in the new campaign that would give you an indicator of where to start looking).

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