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    Characteristics on the Actions Tab

    Hey guys,

    Just starting out with a new Traveller 2E campaign on FGU and none of us can figure out how the characteristic status part of the Actions Tab is supposed to work. The numbers seem to go all wrong after a while.

    I understand the rest of the tab; it's just this part that I'm unsure about.

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    I'm not familiar with either the Traveller system nor the ruleset specifically; but it looks like it might be related to how damage works in Traveller perhaps. Does Traveller deal damage against different stats based on the different kinds of damage done?


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    Yes. When you take damage it comes off you physical stats. If 2 stats get to 0, you are unconscious. A player can set the order that the damage is applied in the options.

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    Correct, damage comes off END first and then the player may choose STR or DEX. However, this doesn't explain why the characteristics behave oddly on this tab. For instance the numbers sometime get really high or drop to zero, even for non-physical stats. Just not sure what it's supposed to do.

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    I think that they’re supposed to reflect the current value of their characteristic with damage applied. But, I’m not familiar with code or system.

    If you have a step by step to see the issues you are seeing, please post.


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    On the action tab below each attribute is a reset icon, this needs to be hit to return the scores to those on the main sheets after modification due to damage, status effects etc. Sometimes it does it automatically but I start each session resetting all characters (who are not damaged)

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