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    Best Practices for Familiars

    Hi everyone,

    I'm curious how you represent familiars in FG. Do you just keep them in text on the Notes tab of your character sheet? Does your GM create an NPC record for them and if so how do they give you control of it? Do you have a token on the battle map for it? etc.
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    I created an NPC record for that familiar, placed it into an encounter as an Ally, gave it a token in that encounter, added the encounter to the combat tracker, and done! Since it's in the combat tracker, it comes with the party when I move them to a new map. I usually control it myself as GM, following whatever the player wanted it to do. The only downside is having to manually change its initiative to match their master.

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    Make a skeleton character sheet for the familiar and then the player can control it and you can also link the familiar to the base PC to share initiative.

    Referring to the screenshot below:

    1. On the base PC, click the Class & Level details icon
    2. Click the Linked PCs button.
    3. Drag the familiar PC record into the Linked PCs window, set to Familiar and check =Init.

    Then add both the base PC and the familar to the Combat Tracker. When the base PC rolls initiative it will be synched with the familiar.

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    Thank you, this worked great! I then added a Familiar Abilities spell class to my familiar for some Effects automations.

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