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    Ok so I reread this on a computer (was word salad trying to read on the phone) and I think I got what you are asking. I fixed the NPC roller and added the fields in the image below. If I missed something just reply with a short concise sentence on what you want. If I have a question I can reply if not Ill just do it. Once I hear back from you I will push this as a hotfix.(due to roller error) I dont want to do it until I'm certain I addressed your concerns.


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    Since I did not hear back from you I went ahead and pushed this update to address the NPC roller and a few other things. I indicated it as a hotfix and sent an email to SW so hopefully we can get it pushed before the next update.

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    Yes, these were a lot of the changes I was looking for. Sorry, I missed your message as RL came down on me hard last month.
    Some of it was just figuring out how you wrote it (ie, Retainers are setup as the default NPC, and you have to choose to either make them a Villain or Pawn).
    But those are definitely the corrections I wanted

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    Ok no problem it should be live. Thanks for the feedback.

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    I'm back to having difficulties again. I'm trying to write in the Sample NPC's (Pawns, Retainers, and Bestiary - P.167 - 175) and am running into problems.
    First is Competence for Pawns. There is no place to put it on the NPC sheet, and this is the fixed initiative for Pawns. For now, I'm just setting the Pawn Initiative to the Competence. I still have to manually set it after I move it to the combat tracker, but those are the breaks.
    This allows for a 0 initiative, but the combat tracker is not set up to show 0.

    NPC Weapon Coding doesn't seem to cover everything.
    As an example, you have a Gargoyle with Bite [MM] (1d6)
    I had assumed the first letter was for the Attribute (Might, Daring, Savvy, Flair) and the second letter was for Combat Abilities (Melee, Ranged, Defence, Brawl)
    Might and Daring work for attributes, and Melee and Ranged work for Combat abilities.
    Savvy (which is used in the default Ranged Attack maneuver) defaults to whatever Might is. So an [SR] tag is giving me Might + Ranged.
    Brawl adds nothing at all. Using a [DB] or [BD] tag adds nothing and doesn't show up in the chat.
    As an example, if I attack with a [DM] tag I get in the chat:
    "Sword [Stat +2, M +1]"
    But if I attack with a [DB] tag, I get:
    "Fist [Stat + 2]"

    Thanks for the hard work on this.

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    Go look on the notes tab. It has a spot for size, advantage and competence.

    The best way to setup attacks like brawl are to click the button next to "attacks" and use a modifier in the attack line.

    Fist +2 [MM] (2d6)

    When you do this it ignores what's is in the brackets. If you look at some NPCs many are coded like this (see Serpent Man as an example) Since those skills are not roll able in HI its the easiest way to accomplish this.

    So if you build a pawn you can set up his stats but click the attack button and use the modifiers when you build each attack. Just use [MM] brackets. I will go back in and look at the script as I noticed if your attack line is all dorked it is throwing and error. I'll have it send a message to chat instead.

    I will also go back in and have their INIT default to their competence value for a little extra automation

    Thanks again, let me know if you think I missed something in this explanation.

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    OK, it looks like one of the updates broke something.

    Whenever I click on a a maneuver, (say ... from the the "Maneuvers" list) it throws up the console and four errors. And then it doesn't show the header block of the maneuver.

    [ERROR] subwindow: Could not find windowclass (boonflaw_header) in control (header) in class (maneuvers)
    [ERROR] window: Control (action_type) anchoring to an undefined control (header) in windowclass (maneuvers)
    [ERROR] window: Control (action_type) anchoring to an undefined control (header) in windowclass (maneuvers)
    [ERROR] window: Control (contentframe) anchoring to an undefined control (header) in windowclass (maneuvers)

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    It also had some warnings in the log that -didn't- cause the console to pop up.

    [9/1/2023 8:02:20 PM] EXTENSION: Honor and Intrigue
    [9/1/2023 8:02:20 PM] MEASURE: LOAD - PART 2 - 3.588094
    [9/1/2023 8:02:27 PM] [WARNING] Frame scrollbar_base contains out-of-range values in Middle.
    [9/1/2023 8:09:14 PM] [WARNING] windowcontrol: Could not find frame (bonus) in control (armourdiceframe) in class (npc_main)
    [9/1/2023 8:09:14 PM] [WARNING] windowcontrol: Could not find frame (bonus) in control (boonlist) in class (npc_main)
    [9/1/2023 8:09:45 PM] [WARNING] windowcontrol: Could not find frame (bonus) in control (armourdiceframe) in class (charsheet_main)
    [9/1/2023 8:09:46 PM] [WARNING] Frame poolsbox contains out-of-range values in BottomRight.

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    Ok looks like I missed something in the update. I'll check it out.

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    I submitted a hotfix to BOL and HI to address the error and warning issues. SW will have to push them both.

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