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    DMsGuild - Doomed Forgotten Realms

    Does anyone know if the Doomed Forgotten Realms series on the DMsGuild is being worked on getting converted for Fantasy Grounds?


    After reading some reviews and the info on these; it looks like it would be a really fun campaign to do, but I really don't want to have to covert it over to Fantasy Ground myself.

    Hoping that it is already in the works to be converted and sold on DMsGuild as it would be very worth it.

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    i can see that one of the other works Scott Mclintlock has up on dmsguild has been made for fantasy grounds, so they might be best to answer and seem to be active in the comments sections of there products on dmsguild, being a third party product it would likely be the authors themselves doing the conversion

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    I would buy this in a second if it came to FGU. I have DM or played in most of these adventures (except Princes and Out of the Deep) and actually setting up Doomed Forgotten Realms in my current tabletop adventure. Love this concept.

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