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    Starship Combat questions

    I think I have a lot of questions about this since the only tutorial information I can find is an old version of the starship combat system but I'll start with this:

    I am running some players through Dead Suns and am approaching the first space fight. The enemy is a single crew fighter and I seem unable to take the minor crew action for snap shot. I can roll the attack but it simply rolls a d20, not taking into account any modifiers for the attack roll including the -2 inherent to snap shot. How can I get the roll to calculate everything for me? Additionally, how can I change the NPCs role so that they can use a minor crew action for movement and fire their weapons as the gunner instead of being forced to use the minor crew action of snap shot?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Evolivolution View Post
    Thanks for sharing this tip! I will post your answer so other don’t need to go elsewhere for the solution.
    Evo said:
    I'm not sure how the ship looks but this should be universally applicable; Before combat (even before adding the ship to the combat tracker) you want to open the ship sheet. It should be unlockable (little lock symbol on the top right). Scroll down to the crew section.
    Whatever is in there right now, keep it. Make a new role called Pilot and add just the Piloting modifier from the meant-to-be pilot NPC. Do the same for a Gunner with Gunnery.
    Explanation: when building the list of actions you can see on your ship, FG references the exact name of roles on the ship and compares them with the ones in the rules. Therefore you need to make sure whatever you want to be doing is done by the right person, even if they're all the same. Only solution is to split the skills up and handle it that way.
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