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    LFP Wanted: Role players and Thespians Sat 7pm EST -5UTC Homebrew

    Looking for Players: 3
    Exp with Game: Novice - Expert
    Game System: Pathfinder 1E
    Game Type: One Shot Dungeon Romp
    Expected Number of Sessions Play: 2 to 4
    Day of Week: Saturday
    Time: 7pm to 12 midnight latest
    Starting: May 27th, 2023
    Characters: Pre-Gen
    Game Style: 90% Dungeon Romp
    VTT: I have FGU
    Voice: Discord Only
    Age: Adult 18+ Adult Content, Situations and Descriptions

    The following one shot, is a multi room dungeon. It should take the PC's from 1st to 5th level if they do the entire dungeon. Unlike my campaigns, this dungeon adventure has various ways to win the game, both as a team and individually. However, teamwork is a must. The entire dungeon should last between 2 to 4 sessions long.

    Type of adventure is primarily hack n slash with diplomacy as an option in some areas. Teamwork is a must in order to survive. Characters are core rule basic only, no archetypes in this one shot, except what you specialize in yourself through feats, equipment and style of play.

    Characters are Pregen to save time and to form a cogent party and storyline. Players can make changes to their characters as they level up. Each character has a special ability, which you can choose to roleplay. They also have a personality if you want to try your hand at acting. You will be able to choose your weapons and armor plus any magic item you can afford. Also, players will use a 25 point but for their stats.

    Character Death: This One shot will be dark souls like in that each time you die, you will revive after combat is done. If there is a TPK (Total Player Kill), you will start in the last room you were successful in. Part of the winning in this game is based on how successful you are in this dungeon. This is the individual portion of winning the game. (Also, prevents rolling up characters everytime someone dies), The team based win is determined on how many objectives you complete as a team.

    This is only my third foray into pathfinder 1e and FGU, but I have been a DM for over 40yrs with 2nd AD&D. I prefer role players over rules lawyers. I enjoy providing the backdrop for players to role-play their characters and have fun. I welcome new players to RPG's. I am easy going and willing to teach those who have never played before. I do not charge for my services, your enjoyment is payment enough. If you are interested please contact me on Discord or here. I look forward to hearing from you. Aramis Dante

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    Only 2 slots available now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aramis Dante View Post
    Only 2 slots available now.
    Good Evening, I am interested in joining this campaign, I was going to reach out to you on discord but I didn't find your contact information on your profile.
    Feel free to reach out to me via direct message!

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    On discord Aramisdante#2342

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    only 1 slot now available.

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    Game Full thank you.

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