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    RMC seat open for Against the Giants

    hey all. a seat has opened up at the table. we are currently at the start of the entire Queen of the Demonweb Pit megamodule. the group is level 5 and has just arrived at G1, Steading of the Hill Giant Chief. if you are interested in joining click the event link below. an invite to our discord is included with that link. once there, please click INTERESTED in the event, then contact me, GM Max in discord, and i will get you set up. here is some quick info about the campaign.......

    i use ultimate, so free accounts welcome.

    we play weekly, at 6pm EST, tuesdays.

    i do custom maps and some homebrew rules. 99% rolemaster classic rules.

    new and experienced players welcome.

    if you want to know more, come to our discord and ask me.


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    the game is now full. we have a new player that has never played RMC, and they are just giving it a try. so a seat MAY open up again. if you are interested in joining, and waiting to see if a seat opens, more than welcome to join us, and listen in if you like.

    invite link included in event link. contact gm max once you enter.


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