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    Monsters of the Multiverse Changeling Error

    When I made my most recent character, I noticed an error. My character is a Changeling and one of the race features it gets is Changeling Instincts. It's supposed to let you choose two skills to gain proficiency in, but it only gives you one. Can someone please fix this error?

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    MOD: moved to 5E sub-forum since it is 5E specific. Note, if this is an issue with the Character Wizard it would go in that sticky thread, and if it was an issue with teh DLC it would go in the general 5E bugs thread. Since I don't know which of these two it is, I've left it as its own thread.

    Are you creating this character via drag and drop or by using the Character Wizard?

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    I suspect the character wizard since it works via drag and drop.
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    I attached an image to show you what I mean. It says Changeling Instincts grants two skill proficiencies, but there's only one box.

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    I looked into this and was able to see the text wasn't parsing the two choice option. Till I'm able to push an update, it would be best to add the skill after the character has been made for the time being.
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