There are still seats open in the Pathfinder 2e game, Finding a Neighbor. The game is free since the GM has the Fantasy Grounds Ultimate License, all players need is the Fantasy Grounds demo.

First level characters are welcome to join. Existing characters are welcome to come in at whatever level you are.

GM: Turalynn
Date & Time: Sun May 14, 4-6:30pm (GMT-04)

- VTT Application: Fantasy Grounds (free demo version is fine)
- Voice: Discord

- Sign-up at Warhorn:

Scenario information:
An owl arrives at Annabelle's office with a message tied to its leg. Annabelle sends for the party with a dreadful urgency.

Grand Dame Annunziata of Fairview has a courtier who has contracted Darakul Fever. That means they only have three days. I've requested a scroll from Bäsz to cure the poor soul, and you are to convey that scroll to Dame Annunziata as soon as possible.

But where in this God's-Forsaken forest is Fairview?

Adventure in the sentient forest of Dungarven. Casters generously de-nerfed. Humans only. Elements of Kobold Press' recent works adapted to the game system. Your characters receive 1 XP for every GP value of the treasure they acquire, and generous Quest XP awarded.