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    Some play tested mods for adding RMC phases into the combat tracker

    As a GM, I have always had problems working with the combat tracker as it does not quite integrate with the various phases and percentage turn break downs in classic RM rules. Ideally, it would be nice if combat tracker could handle all the different phases (either the standard 50% and 100% actions or the one I use which is 25%,50%,75% and 100%) but this seems like a lot of work, so instead what I have done is leave the combat tracker the way it is and treat each cycle through the "turns" in the CT as turn phases. So "turn" 1 is 25%, turn 2 is 50% etc, "turn" 5 then starts over at the real Turn 2 - 25%.

    To make this work, I have done a few things. First thing i did was unzip up all the arms law and spell law mod files and open the client.xml files, for the critical tables, in notepad++. The .mod files are just zip files, so you just have to change the extension, unzip them, change the file then rezip and change the file back to .mod. I did a search and replace on the xml to replace all tags that determine duration and multiply them all by 4
    You need to replace all these tags:
    <Stun type="number">
    <Dying type="number">
    <NoParry type="number">
    <MustParry type="number">
    <PenaltyRounds type="number">

    ex: replace <Stun type="number">3</Stun> with <Stun type="number">12</Stun> etc.

    In order for this search and replace method to work, you need to start with the highest possible value (I usually start around 30 or so) and then work your way down, otherwise you will run into problems. Bleeding is different, for these you have to DIVIDE by 4, so for example <Bleeding type="number">2</Bleeding> becomes <Bleeding type="number">0.5</Bleeding> so 2 hits/rnd turns into 0.5 hits/phase. Either save all your changes in macros so you can re-run, or do open both spell and arms crits and do a replace in all open documents.

    I then modified all the action percentage durations and rounded to the nearest 25%, so for example, if drawing a weapon was 30% this is now 25%, if spell concentration was 90% this is now 100%, anything that was 10% is now 0%.

    This takes a bit to get used to, but in a way it simplifies things, no longer do you have to calculate all the possible percentage variations, everything falls into one of 4 phases. It makes doing movement and combat more realistic, because now you move in quarter phases. Best thing for a GM is have all the players keep track of what phase their actions fall under. I have tried play testing it a few times and it seems to work.
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