Looking for 2-4 more players for Hoard of the Dragon Queen one-shot

GM: Tim DeCapio (tiger tim gamer)

Game: Hoard of the Dragon Queen (DnD5e), session # 2 one-shot
Scheduled: Thursday May 11, 6 pm ET, 5 pm CT, 4 pm MT, 3 pm PT, up to 5 hours

To sign up and for more information please visit the scheduling link below:


Free game: Players need only Fantasy Grounds demo license
Voice/Text Discord
Mix of RPG/Combat/Strategy flexible (May 4 session had goodly amount of each)

Characters wanted: Level 2, no multi-class
Source books: PHB only, no optional rules

May 4 session saw the players enter the town of Greenest, defeating handfuls of bandits, marauders, and cultists as they rescued several citizens from torture or worse, reaching the safety of the Keep. May 11 session will pick up from that point.