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    CoC 7e Modern Equipment Module

    I'm running a CoC 7e game in a modern setting, and so I made a whole BUNCH of investigator equipment for a contemporary setting, and then bundled it into a mod. Hopefully it works okay. It includes ITEMS, PARCELS (equipment packs) and for those who have the excellent SHOPS module by Mattekure ( there are shops which include items in specific packs.

    Basically, my idea is that in my game, the PCs boss is providing equipment, and I wanted them to have kit-bags they could grab and run with, but also individual equipment.

    As soon as I have the Fantasy Grounds Forge page set up and loaded, I'll post the link here.
    CoC73 Modern Investigation Equipment.png

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    Sounds great, good work!

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    Made minor updates to the mod:
    - fixed a problem where the mod was showing up in all rulesets
    - change the category in items, parcels and shops from "Remnants from the Darkness" (the name of my campaign) to "Modern Investigation Equipment"

    I noticed that the animal traps are in items, but the animal cages are not ... but the parcels and shops still work, so I'll probably ignore it.

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    Made minor updates to the mod:
    - added animal cages to ITEMS
    - fixed cost of ammo, candles, and weapons
    - added fire extinguisher and acetylene torch

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