There are still spots open in a Oneshots/Bounties Pathfinder 2e game. The game is free since the GM has the Fantasy Grounds Ultimate License, all players need is the Fantasy Grounds demo. Part of a series of various oneshots and bounties from published Paizo content available through Fantasy Grounds, or one shots authored by Gavin Barnard. Looking to build a consistent group of weekly players while going through multiple one shots (some admittedly take 2 sessions), and then move into a full adventure path once we have a group set.

GM: Gavin Barnard

Friday Apr 28, 7-11pm (GMT-04)

- Beginner friendly game and also welcomes players who are new to the Fantasy Grounds Application (free demo is all that is needed).

- Currently have 3 active players, but looking to recruit 2 to 3 more. Preferably a Healer role, and a Tank Role, and another Attacker or Spell caster.

- Sign-up and more info at Warhorn (newly posted):

- VTT Application: Fantasy Grounds (free demo version is fine)

- Voice: the Discord voice chat table at FGGL

- Presented by the Fantasy Grounds Gaming League (FGGL)

- Free Fantasy Grounds demo: