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    Asset Pouch Label Issue

    I have noticed lately that when I either open a character from an existing module or create a new character that when I click on the blank portrait the Assets directory comes up but the pouches don't have any label. I have to click on each pouch to see what is in them. I have tested this on 3 campaigns and I see the same behaviour.

    This is a recent thing. The last time I went to modify / create a character I didn't have the labelling issue.

    Does anyone else see this?


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    It's been a while since I looked specifically at the Portraits by clicking on the Portrait section of a character sheet, so I do not remember it has been that way before.

    However, it behaves the same in CoreRPG (which Rolemaster inherits from), so this is not specific to Rolemaster.

    There are Tooltip labels on the bags though.

    A screen shot from CoreRPG (showing the Tooltip).

    I do not know if any of the mods are on, but if this could be moved, it would get more attention in the House of Healing forum.

    There are labels on the bags if you open them from Assets, then select Portraits.

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    This is the expected behaviour (and has been since FGC I believe). The system which brings up the portraits window by clicking on the player portrait is a completely different subsystem than the main controls when opening asset files. This subsystem doesn't have the niceties of the assets window. I'm sure that eventually it'll be brought into line with the way assets work; but it requires a healthy amount of work to get graphic assets sharing through the GM client (which is what is required and is not supported at the moment).
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