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    Any online sites for generating different text to speech types?

    Like for instance if you want to talk like a demon, or a lizard creature etc and you want to convert text to speech. Are there any sites that fascilitate this? Thanks!

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    Are you looking to be able to post this for in game sessions? What ruleset are you using?

    In 5E I know that you can pick what language the chat comes out as from a dropdown list. Like Abyssal for demon, etc.

    And for players that cannot speak that language, the chat comes out as different characters in that language and no one can decipher it.

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    I think they want to actually physically speak like a lizard. So what they're looking for would be some kind of voice changer tool. There's plenty of text to speech tools online (from a quick Google search); but getting it to speak with an accent might be hard to do. So I think you'd want a voice changer app or some such.
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    could use a text to speech converter to get the audio, and then run that audio output through a generic voice changer

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    Yeah, I was kind of hoping for a text to speech converter with different effects. I use Discord Audio Pipe for my Discord Audio for music and effects and stuff. Couldn't find anything that really matched what I was looking for using google.

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    Have you tried https://voicemaker.in/ then use the different languages as that specific fantasy language.

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