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    Updated the ruleset with a few tweaks based on feedback as the SRD is being completed. I added a protection base field to ships and smallcraft. This will allow you to drop item records (type: "ship components" subytype:"defenses") onto the ship to add additional armor. The field hides on lock but it automates adding or removing armor fittings from the hull. For existing ships this value will need to be set. The newest version of the ship building tool does this for you.

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    This is for the original Cepheus Engine rules correct? If that is the case, how difficult would it be to adapt it to the most recent Cepheus Deluxe enhanced?

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    The main difference is the use of lifeblood for PCs. The rest are easy to handle or code around as options. Omer had reached out to me and we were all set with developing it for this ruleset but DTRPG got in the way.

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    The lifeblood and traits were the 2 that stood out most to me, and traits are an easy enough add on to track manually. These are the 2 additions/changes that have actually drawn me towards the system. It's unfortunate that you have been blocked by dtrpg. Thanks for the quick reply.

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    Lifeblood would just require an option in the options menu. Pretty easy to do. NPCs are essentially on that system already, although it tracks the three attributes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bayne7400 View Post
    The main difference is the use of lifeblood for PCs. The rest are easy to handle or code around as options. Omer had reached out to me and we were all set with developing it for this ruleset but DTRPG got in the way.
    Actually there are quite a few differences which I commented on in an earlier post. Some of those are IMO every bit as significant as Lifeblood...

    ~ Core Dice resolution system uses a difficulty ladder like MgT2E for which rolls are made against varying Target Numbers, in contrast to the CE SRD's varying Dice Moddifers being applied against a universal TN of 8.

    ~ Steps on the diffculty ladder represent varying TNs and are named differently; "Easy TN 6+", "Average TN 8+", "Difficult TN 10+", "Formidable TN 12+" and "Impossible TN 14+", in place of the CE SRD's "Simple DM +6", "Easy DM +4", "Routine DM +2", "Average DM +0", "Difficult DM -2", "Very Difficult DM -4" and "Fromidable DM -6." That would require you to recode and redesign your difficulty buttons at the lower left of the desktop.

    ~ The option to roll with Advantage; similar to MgT2E's boon rolls in which the 2 highest results of a 3d6 roll are taken.

    ~ Removal of many skills; Battle Dress, Bribery, Broker, Comms, Electronics, Gambling, Gravitics, Linguistics, Mechanics and Navigation.

    ~ Addition of new skills; Deception, Repair and Investigation, and the Vehicle skill was renamed to Driving.

    ~ The additon of Player Character Traits.

    ~ Vehicle armor is represented by 3 bands (Unarmored, Light Armor & Heavy Armor), instead of the CE SRD's varying numbers.

    I'm sure I'm missing some, but those are what come to mind. As I said earlier, I do really like Stellagama Publishing's CE Deluxe Ehnanced rules, but IMO they differ enough from the Core CE SRD to be considered different rules. IIRC the differences in CE DE is the main reason Mongoose Publishing was wanting their new/rewritten Open License Agrement to be based on the MgT2E rules instead of MgT1E. Fortunately for those publishers who have a wealth of publications based upon CE rules that allign with MgT1E, Mongoose relented and the new OLA is again based upon MgT1E. There's no arguing CE DE is very popular though and players less familiar with CE might assume it's the defacto default. Personally, I'd prefer if the CE DE changes were implemented via an extension.
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    Did an update to fix the attack roller. It was applying defensive effects twice.

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    Question: When you enter the draft it rolls a d6 regardless of how many Careers are available. Is that just for visuals? behind the scene does it select all careers as draft options?

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    Is there a setting to turn off the built in careers? It would be nice to be able to add a bunch of house careers and not have the stock careers included.

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    When you enter the draft there are maybe six careers it rolls on. So that is why the die is rolling. No the wizard is based off of base SRD and base game. If you want to homebrew something you will need to make characters the old fashioned way.

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