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    Status of Castles & Crusades development on FG?

    Hi folks,
    First time poster here in the Castles and Crusades forums. With the changes/fallout going on with WOTC and D&D, my gaming group and I are contemplating firing up a C&C campaign. Things seem pretty quiet in this forum and was curious to see where development lies with C&C and FGU? Active? On hold? Dead? Hoping the forum is just in a lull period and that it is actively being developed- we're eager to give C&C a go and as we're all remote, FGU adoption is critical for us.
    Thanks for any replies!

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    The C&C stuff is now on the Forge. Ruleset is free.
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    C&C is done very well in FGU. It's free and a great time.
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    You won't get a lot on the forums here for it, but on the Troll Lords Discord there seems to be quite a bit of chatter. Including being able to talk directly to the developer.

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    Yeah these forums are pretty quiet, but the Troll Lord Discord, as well as Fantasy Grounds Discord, is fairly active. https://discord.gg/trolllordgames
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