Ooze Tomb of the Oathbreaker (3rd Level Characters)

A group of centaurs have had their water source contaminated by some unknown magic. Upon hearing about their situation, the party decides to travel to the centaur camp, which takes a day. Along the way, they come across injured animals and scared bugbears. The area is hit by terrifying storms that pour acid and oozes. After agreeing to look into the issue with the tainted lake, the adventurers find out that an ancient evil has been resurrected, bringing with it a swarm of undead creatures. This strange and disturbing adventure is designed for third-level PCs, who must navigate through the wilderness, survive the oozing storms, and confront a reanimated warrior who betrayed her deity.

Pre-gens will be provided at 3rd level.

This is a Fantasy Grounds Game Day game. Signup on Warhorn at https://bit.ly/3JC1lsu

If you have any questions, contact me on discord (preferred) Wintermute#3538 or on this post.