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    Example chat output for power shown:

    Outputs to chat when you double-click here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    What exactly did the previous output look like?
    Did it push the description to chat when you "used" the skill like the Sharing is Caring extension?
    G'day, I can't show exactly what it looked like anymore, but this image is from the chat log of a campaign.
    Screenshot (888).png
    From the character sheet you double click the text in the power "box"
    Screenshot (889).png
    And the power text would appear in chat for all to see.
    I am unfamiliar with the Sharing is caring ext.
    Edit: Didn't see prior post..

    Just looked at Sharing is Caring ext. It says 5E and 2E/2E PF only
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    Try this extension for a temporary fix. Worked for me.

    (I know it prints the power name twice, but the extension calls all the original functions to make sure nothing is missed, then adds the full text afterwards.)

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    Just tried it. Works perfectly!
    Thanks for the replies and the fix, sensational

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    Yes Sharing is Caring is not for 4E. I was just going to make a cut down version for you but gamerhawaii has just done that already!

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