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    How robust is the rules set?

    So I’ve been playing dungeons and dragons for a very very long time, I actually thought fourth edition was great, although I know I’m kind of in the minority there, so I haven’t attempted to run it in a long time

    when I was running fourth edition, I didn’t use any virtual table tops, hell I’m going to a bit I’m not even sure there was any of the time, maybe fantasy grounds was around back then I’m not sure, and I’m not at my computer and I didn’t feel like using my phone to hunt all this down

    thinking back, I actually think that fourth edition may have been the best addition of DND so far, again I know there’s a lot of people that disagrees with me but what can I say? That’s how I feel. So I’ve been considering running a fourth edition game.

    thing is, I haven’t looked into just how strong the rules are in fourth edition, or even if it has everything for make characters such, I mean, now I’m playing on virtual table, tops exclusively, I old fifth edition add a lot of it’s materials, I started delving into pathfinder, and other rules sets both on fantasy grounds, and Noel, looking into foundry as well

    So my question is how robust is the fourth edition rules set for fantasy grounds, does it have everything I need to not only run it but to make characters and having all the rules in it? Do you think I can purchase two make it better because I’m not shy about spending money when I need to, but I’m not at my computer and I’m using my phone and it’s a little harder for me to find the information so I thought I’d come to you guys and see if you could help me out.

    thanks in advance!

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    It is a provided ruleset so you can create a campaign and give it a try. There are no modules available and would need manual setup of the data as we currently don't have a license in selling this edition's products.
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    To my knowledge, the owners of D&D have never licensed the 4E books or data; so as @superteddy57 mentioned, there is no data included. The included ruleset does include the sheets to contain the data, and basic automation of rolls.

    Here are a couple useful wiki sections for using the 4E ruleset:
    * Basics - https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...9/Basic+Guides
    * 4E-Specific - https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...D+D+4E+Ruleset


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