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    I'm able to create a stream template. It turns out, drawing splines is the easy part.

    There are a few challenges, however.
    A ruleset may have only 5 pointers. SWADE uses up all five slots.

    I tried to work around this by piggybacking on the cone template with an alt key.
    This almost works, but the stream changes to a cone when the map redraws and the alt key is not held. It also turns cones into streams when the map is redrawn while the alt key is held.
    This would be OK if only one stream/cone is on the map at a time.

    I tried overriding the radial button to make the cone button open a sub menu where you can select cone or stream.
    I can't figure out how to invoke onMeasurePointer or onBuildCustomPointer from there.

    The menu on the images is controlled in the FGU application, not CoreRPG. That includes the pointers.
    We can define custom pointers, but only within strict parameters.
    Overriding those buttons isn't an option, it seems.

    I thought to add a key combination to draw the stream pointer while holding both mouse buttons, like when drawing a free-form square or circle.
    It seems this too is controlled by the FGU compiled code, rather than CoreRPG. I can't catch the onClickDown event because of this.

    Now I understand why there's no stream template in the Fantasy Companion extension or in Pathfinder for Savage Worlds.

    I'll continue pondering this. I may come up with something.
    I'm also open to suggestions.

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    Looks good, maybe Moon Wizard and Ikael can come up with a solution to this 5 pointer limit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiminimonka View Post
    Looks good, maybe Moon Wizard and Ikael can come up with a solution to this 5 pointer limit
    That's hard limit on client. Nothing ruleset developers can do.
    "Alright, you primitive screwheads, listen up: THIS... is my BOOMSTICK!" -- Ash Williams, Army of Darkness

    Post your SavageWorlds ruleset feature requests and issue reports here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ikael View Post
    That's hard limit on client. Nothing ruleset developers can do.
    Can you "lose" one of the non-SWADE ones like cone or square?

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    The hard limit is there because there are only so many button slots.
    An option would be that one of those 5 buttons is replaced with a button that opens another layer, and a second level of pointers can be declared.
    I don't know how much work this would entail, but it wouldn't be quick. It would be a code change in the FGU client.
    However, that would give 6 more pointers to all rulesets.
    Even more if it was dynamic enough that you could indicate that one of the templated buttons is a layer button. Then you could go as deep as the radial button allows.
    I don't know how likely this is to be done. Is it worth a request in Idea Informer, do you think?

    Do you mean lose one of the shapes you draw with the mouse and keyboard rather than the radial?
    That would have to be done in the FGU application too, and is probably as much work as adding a second layer of pointers to the radial. It would affect all rulesets, unless it were set as default behavior that could be overridden.
    A nice option, but I suspect would be even more work than the above option, and less expandable.

    The above is based on my understanding of the rulesets, FGU, and Unity. I may be off, especially with the client side, since I've never seen any of that source code.

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    So many great tweaks were made to Savage Worlds this last release!
    A huge thanks to Ikael!

    There are some overlaps with my extension.
    It doesn't look like there are any errors, just some extra columns and overwrites.
    I'm working on removing those overlaps now. I should have a new build very soon.

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    Version 1.04 is awaiting approval.

    I removed the tweaks that overlap with tweaks added to the SavageWorlds ruleset.
    I added a Category column to the Modifications "By Group" list.

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    Hi Mike - something has broken the Arcane Backgrounds again, /reload seems to make the linked AB Edges and Powers no longer link.

    If you edit them and export, the export versions are fine, but something happens when you start a campaign or /reload that breaks them again.

    No doubt the updates Ikael is providing are changing some things, which is all good, but just thought I would point this out.


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    Thanks, I'll look at that today.
    I paused tweaks and new features to all my extensions while Ikael is doing his magic. Lots of great changes, but with change comes opportunity to rewrite extensions.
    I should have a fix today or tomorrow.

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    I can't get this to happen. I tried in live and test channels.
    Are you using Ikael's module maker extension? That completely wipes out all edges and arcane backgrounds on reload and exit.
    Do the links break only on edited ABs or all?
    Does this happen if you didn't edit any ABs?
    Are the edges and ABs locked?
    Is there any other clues you can think of?

    Is anyone else seeing this?

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