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    5E manager_power

    Couple of things I noticed sniffing around

    line 866 - index j is at global scope
    line 957 - sDmgType is never defined
    table.insert(rDamageFixed.clauses, { dice = {}, modifier = 0, stat = aAbilities[i], dmgtype = sDmgType });
    line 1372 - rSave is at global scope
    rSave = {};
    Request - functions in this file are really difficult to hook into because in many places function calls are made local to the and not called via the PowerManager. I'm sure most would agree replaces some of this functions just to and PowerManager in front of a few function calls is not an ideal way to go about things.
    Specifically, I was hoping to get local calls in the following functions to be prefaced with PowerManager.

    Thank you for the consideration.

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    Thanks for the reports. The move towards an indirect referencing within scripts is a lengthy migration process; so I have been tackling as I rework scripts with a focus on CoreRPG scripts primarily.

    I've pushed an update that uses indirect referencing for the 5E PowerManager global script.

    Regarding your other mentions:
    * Line 866 - j is local from line 774
    * Line 957 - Fixed
    * Line 1372 - Fixed. (Note: the global vs. local is just for encapsulation and to prevent accidental overlaps; it didn't make a difference in this case.)


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