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    Windowlists and associated edit controls not instantiating correctly when opened

    There's an issue with windowlists and associated edit controls when certain records are first opened - it goes away if the record is unlocked and then locked.

    An example in the 5E ruleset - open the "Dire Wolf" NPC from the Player's Handbook:

    The edit controls are available and can be clicked, despite this record being locked and read-only - the add button raises an error.

    If the record is copied (so that it can be unlocked) the same occurs, plus the ability text isn't read only:

    Unlock and then lock the record and it works correctly:

    I see the same issue in other rulesets - the PFRPG2 NPC record is what brought it to my attention.
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    Just pushed update to Test channel to address. Thanks for reporting.


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