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    Missing buttons in power action list

    The targetting and expend/apply buttons are missing from effects (please don't tell me this is wanted).



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    It's under the details for the action, just like all the data for each power action. That was a difference between Effect and other actions that it had data fields exposed, while other actions didn't. The UI was cleaned up to be more consistent.


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    I know that they're in the action details...

    Changing targeting/expend: 1 click -> 3 clicks
    Changing effect line: 1 click -> 2 clicks

    Sorry to say this so blunt, but this is exactly the reason why you hear everywhere people saying the UX (user experience) is worse in FGU than on other VTTs.

    I'd rather see this getting reverted and targeting getting added to damage and heals for easier self-damage and self-heal.

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    In fairness, some objections to the FG UX are that it is too complex/cluttered. UX is exceptionally tricky to find that sweet spot of all the power you regularly need in a clean layout with everything else hidden just out of the way.
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    Yeah, I'm fighting with both sides of that equation. I'll probably end up putting them back in; but wanted to go for the standardized clean up first, and get feedback.

    Let me think about it some more.


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    To be honest for me as long as combat mode is what you need in combat. Then its a win

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    In the latest Test version, I added back in the effect self-toggle at the high-level action view level; as well as adding heal self-toggle support.


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