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    ability to reorder power actions (3.5E / PFRPG)

    The 3.5E Spells tab is now too wide to fit in the default window bounds due to the new controls that enable changing the order.
    In this image, you can just barely see the CLC field before it is cut off by the re-order drag target.
    Screenshot from 2023-02-07 07-53-53.png
    This is without extensions loaded.
    bmos' extensions
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    Well, I can either increase the character sheet size; or fold the fields under the buttons. However, the fields would then always be folded under the buttons; even if the character sheet widened. I'm leaning towards increasing the PC sheet size to accommodate.


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    Another way I was just thinking I could handle is to stack the sub-rolls vertically, and hide the buttons/fields that are empty. (i.e. CLC would never be empty; but the others could be.)


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    Please be mindful about changing the minimum character sheet size, as many extensions (and themes) depend on specific sizes and this could easily break many designs/layouts.

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    As the 3.5E main tab is entirely fixed size elements, making the whole window larger would make the main tab look really bad.
    So either that should be reworked to be dynamic, or changes should be constrained to the area in question.

    Stacking them may be the best option, or perhaps just making the area with fields wider? The margins on the left and right are pretty wide.
    bmos' extensions
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    You could also get rid of the extra icons (attack roll, save roll, clc roll), since you can already roll via the fields.

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    Or try the labels above or below the icons.

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    Another idea - how about having the re-order buttons appear in edit/delete mode, other fields can be hidden while in edit/delete mode.
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    I thought about that too; but that's not currently an action path for activating/deactivating the reorder buttons, which would require a lot more tight integration with edit mode changes.
    I still might do it; but that still doesn't solve the spacing completely for 5E/PF/SF, since the smallest sheet size still clips.


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    The reorder buttons are now only visible in edit mode (as well as a new delete button for actions). Any reorganization of the fields other than that will have to wait for another future revision, otherwise I'll never get this beta done.


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