Thread: AD&D 2E Themes?

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    AD&D 2E Themes?

    Any cool themes you can recommend? Or would it be hard to create the one below?

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    You can do that now. Get the logo and make it a desktop visual. Proper words are escaping me but it might be in Options to set a background image.
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    A desktop Decal. A decal image goes in a separate mod file. Easiest way to do this is grab another decal mod file change the name and add your image. If you download OSE there is a decal mod that loads in your mod folder. Just take that and modify it by dropping your png images into the decal folder. I am not sure that decal is available with the ruleset.
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    The green theme is the one that is default for the 2E ruleset. The decal in the middle is only a image. You should be able to place whatever image you want into your images folder and manually use it as a decal.
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    Yeah you can use any image as a decal. I made a folder named decals and stuck everything I've used there. Best thing is to find a nice sized and clean logo and set the background to transparent. Then go to your assets and refresh if needed, find the image and select it. Click on Set Background Decal.

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