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    Custom Class Equipment

    I hope I am in the right place.

    Trying to create custom classes, not sure where to put starting equipment so that the character wizard actually adds it to the character? Hoping there is a way to avoid having to add equipment after finishing the wizard, but if there isn't a way it's doable. Using 5eSRD if it changes much.

    Still fairly new, so sorry if this is covered somewhere, but I was not having much luck finding any information.

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    Welcome to the FG forums!

    I've moved this to the D&D 5e forum. As each ruleset can do things differently, it's best to ask questions regarding a specific ruleset in the forum for that ruleset.
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    Welcome to the forums.

    That may not be possible with the current version of the character wizard since a lot of stuff in that is hard coded and so doesn't handle homebrew stuff very well. The CW has been rewritten and the new version will be released soon (it's currently in test). I haven't tested to see if it handles howebrew equipment any better. If it does then following what you see in any of the official classes should work in that case.
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