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    New Australaian Player LFG of anysort

    Im 32, know about half of what i need to and have had a few one shots in the past. Availablity is Mon-Friday 5pm-12, Weekends completly open.

    Im dying to make a new character and get involved again.

    Discord: Cheaplove#2136

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    Nov 2011
    Sydney, Australia
    We have a couple of spots open for sunday night Extinction Event game. 8pm to 11pm. AEST. You can hit me up in discord if your interested

    Discord: Ardem#4756
    Teamspeak Server: ts3.varidan.com.au
    Ultimate Licencse: FGC/FGU

    Location: Sydney, Australia AEST (UTC +10 or +11 in DST)

    Campaign Currently Running: Greenbrook Rolemaster FRP (Weekly Wednesday 8.00pm-11.00pm), YouTube Stream

    Game/Ruleset created: Extinction Event
    Extensions created: Rolemaster FRP, XP Extension, Random Extension

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    Just noticed your response, heck yeah. If your able to sqeeze me in, im down!

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