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    Pathfinder Society Scenarios question

    Not new to Fantasy Grounds, only to Pathfinder. I recently purchased the module for the Pathfinder Society Scenario 2-06 The Crashing Wave. Are all of these so riddled with typos and spelling errors? I've made it two paragraphs into the "Getting Started" section and I've found the C left off of "Captain" in the initial paragraph and the first spoken paragraph is so full of errors it doesn't make any sense. I've included it below.

    Is this the normal quality of these products?

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    I moved your first post about this to a better place to report issues with PF2 DLC, here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...C-issue-thread

    The Pathfinder Society Games forum is for finding PFS games.
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    The typos are constant and don't seem to end... Every paragraph is missing words or seems to be jumbled. I'm hoping this isn't the quality of their ports for all of FG.

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    Oh, thank you! I wasn't sure where to post it

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    It seems to be mainly the Getting Started section that seems jumbled up.

    I haven't noticed any errors of that magnitude in the other scenarios at least.

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