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    Player AP and D#, C#

    the player AP pool is 0 at the start of a quest, unless i wish to give them a starting pool?

    i get the D#, make it low, so if they roll high, they get AP, but not getting the idea behind the C# seems redundant to me.

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    Hi Max,
    The D# sets how difficult a task is. The higher the D#, the more difficult the task.
    The C# sets how dangerous a task is. The higher the C#, the more dangerous a task.
    It's basically difficulty vs consequences.

    For instance, walking over a well maintained, steel girder bridge spanning a 400' deep chasm is exceptionally easy but if you fall off it could be fatal. Low D#, High C#.
    Commando crawling over a one-rope bridge that hovers 3' over a small, shallow stream may be harder to accomplish, but less dangerous if you fail. High D#, Low C#. (yeah, you should probably just wade across the stream.)

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    Just to clarify, the D# sets the total number of successes they must roll to succeed. With a D3, for example, the player must roll 3 total successes. A success is a d20 roll equal to or below the target number. Two successes can be scored from one d20 roll if the roll is a 1 or if the roll is less than or equal to a tag skill level. (Example: a player must roll a Perception (6) Survival (3) test: The target number is 9 (6+3) Any die result of 9 or less is one success. Any die result of 1 is two successes. If Survival is a tag skill for that character, any result of 9 or less is one success. Any result of 3 or less is two successes.

    The C# number sets what constitutes extra danger, or complications. On a C1, if the player rolls a 20 on the d20, a complication occurs--something bad. On a C3 (Perilous task) if the player rolls an 18, 19 or 20, something bad happens.

    For the AP pool, by the book it starts at 0 for the players and they generate AP as they start making rolls. (every success beyond what is required to beat the D#) After a only a couple of gaming sessions, my group has already started figuring out which characters are more likely to generate AP on their rolls depending on what the task is. They are very quick to build the pool for everyone to use.
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    so the C# changes the range of the complication on the d20?

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    Yes, exactly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Urqy View Post
    Yes, exactly

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