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    CTRL+Z issue

    Mapping issue, I'm using 5e, but not sure if it's a 5e or system bug:
    Sometimes when I click CTRL+Z after a stamp on a painting layer it deletes all stamps on that layer instead of just the last stamp that I placed.

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    Thanks for reporting.

    Do you have any specific steps that seem to cause this issue? Or any other actions which seem to typically precede the issue?
    It's often very difficult to track down issues that we can't reproduce (if we can track down at all).


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    Unfortunately no, I couldn't recreate it purposefully, but it happened 3-4 times. I would be placing a stamp, usually when I accidentally clicked to place a stamp and them immediately CTRL+Z.

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    I tried out the paint stamp for a while, and tried pressing CTRL+Z at random points while stamping.

    Can you walk through your typical process when putting down paint stamps? Are you interleaving with other editing behaviors (creating layers, editing layer names, painting lines, FX, etc.)?


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    I have been able to reproduce this issue relatively consistently but not 100%.

    I created a new image, set a stamp up using an asset and began stamping.

    I notice that if I stamp quickly then the CTRL+Z undoes a group of them.

    Sometimes it will undo just one (the last one I placed) and then it will undo the previous two at once.

    Sometimes it will undo a batch of them.

    Sometimes it will undo all of them.

    I am on a Mac (the original poster does not mention the OS).

    It is almost as if you are doing some kind of "auto-save" system and then when CTRL+Z is pressed you are undoing the last "save" based on time or something like that.
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    I have experienced this same issue a few times; I honestly think there might be a little delay in between the mechanical and software part of the commands in FG. Input vs commands timing?
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    Thanks, everyone. The speed of clicking was the key. I'll pass along to @pindercarl to look at.


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