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    UTC/GMT +1 (or close to it) unite!

    I thought it a good idea to focus people in the same time zone into one place, to make it easier to know who is out there at all.
    If you are interested, leave a quick message and perhaps find someone to play with (who doesn't see the sun rise while yours sets)
    If a threat like this already exists, sorry (mea culpa).
    Have a good one.
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    Im GMT+1 and looking for any adventure path to pathfinder 1e

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    Hi Tordrache,

    Great idea! I am in the UK on UTC:0 /GMT+1 etc., and would likewise be interested in focusing mainly on DMs and players located in such time zones. I am pretty sure that there was a list some time back.


    DM-Kevin - Current campaign running: D&D 5.0 Tomb of Annihilation -

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    I'm GMT+2, have a standard license and I'm looking to play some 5e (homebrew or 3rd party like Midgard would be fine with me as well as official WOTC stuff) or I'm also wanting to learn to play Pathfinder 2E, VTM, Starfinder, DCC, SotDL or any other game (but don't have experience in those). I'm available anytime Fridays or most of Sundays.

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