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    Updates Today
    • [CoreRPG+] Column lists based on CoreRPG template would not correctly initialize edit/add buttons and would generate errors when clicked before being toggled. Fixed.

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    Updates Today
    • [5E/4E/3.5E/d20M/PFRPG/SFRPG/13A] Added back effect self-toggle button on top-level action view.
    • [5E/4E/13A] Added back heal self-toggle button on top-level action view.
    • [3.5E/d20M/PFRPG/SFRPG] Added heal self-toggle support for actions.
    • [DEV][CoreRPG+] Reworked some scripts to be more easily extension overrideable.

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    Updates Today

    • [5E/4E/3.5E/PFRPG/SFRPG/13A/d20M] Updated reorder button in power actions to only display when in edit mode.
    • [5E/4E/3.5E/PFRPG/SFRPG/13A/d20M] Added button to delete power actions when in edit mode.

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    Updates Today
    • [3.5E/PFRPG/SFRPG/d20M] Script error when updating power points based caster power data. Fixed.
    • [5E/4E/3.5E/PFRPG/SFRPG/13A/d20M] Filling in counter on power usage did not output cast text. Fixed.
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    Updates Today
    • [5E/4E/3.5E/PFRPG/13A/d20M] Script error when using edit button on party sheet main tab. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Removed deprecated tokeninstance functions.

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    Updates Today
    • [SW] Updated to use the default death marker system.
    • [SW] Dice tower rolls not hiding dice when acing. Fixed.
    • [DEV][CoreRPG+] Continuing cleanup and consolidation of code from inheriting rulesets.

    NOTE: The Savage Worlds rulesets will most likely be released from beta separately than CoreRPG and other rulesets in the beta, so that it can get more user testing before release.

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    Updates Today
    • [5E] Spell slots of higher level than known spells would prevent PC actions tab combat mode from hiding spells. Fixed.

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