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    We are on the last "dungeon" for The Mummys Mask AP from PF1. As others have mentioned, it is a bit of work to get things converted. Obviously all the story stuff is there. But, it is the monsters, traps, poisons, and treasure that takes some work. Most of the lower level monsters are in the various reference books and you can substitute many of them for something similar. It is when you get to the higher levels and have a lot of AP-specific creatures that takes the most time...especially when it comes to magic users and spells as that will all have to be totally redone.

    I don't know your experience with the ruleset but from my experience over the last couple of years (yes, over two years) running this AP, if you are not willing to create a lot of the automation yourself for the monsters you can't find and are not willing to take the time to learn how to use the systems that Trenloe has included in the ruleset, you might want to stick with an AP for PF2e. Don't get me wrong, it has been a wild ride and I have learned a lot about Fantasy Grounds and PF2e. But, if I had to do it over again, i would pick an AP from PF2e.

    If you do go down the road of playing PF1 APs in PF2e then ask lots of questions. These forums are great!
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    Here's a good tool for making your own creatures. https://monster.pf2.tools/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwaihir Scout View Post
    Here's a good tool for making your own creatures. https://monster.pf2.tools/
    Can confirm, this tool is amazing. Also, the text file it outputs is very easy to make compatible with the monster parser extension. All told it usually takes me 30 minutes tops to build and import a creature from scratch with that combo, often less.

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