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    Any chance you might want to do 2 options in the file, one Light and one Dark? You know how players are, always demanding and something hurts their eyes\brains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaneTBC View Post
    @ParasiticCapacitance already has this all done, I think, but since I was bored for a few minutes, I ran through using his image and the original websites for a dark and light version. I don't normally do these, but I figure there should be some credit in it refencing back to the original site\contents. It also needs contents filled in for a few of the actions and the dying one, but as I figure ParasiticCapacitance may be kind enough to release a copy of his own, it will get filled in
    Tested here in a new campaign, it's working. The light version was a cool idea, thank you.

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    I can go back and remove the one I attached, really like the imitative on this and the effort! I've just left the website up on my browser for all sessions for a quick reference, myself, so when you mentioned this, I slapped my forehead.

    Think this would be perfect for adding to the Forge to make it more accessible for folks as well if you're so inclined. Or there's probably a person or three here that would do it for you.
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    I love this!! I was using the link to the website in my hot keys. This is better and something I can share with the players. Thanks so much for doing this!

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