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I can't speak to Foundry, but I've been running C&C on FGU for well over a year. Currently, there is more content on FGU than Foundry, and seems likely to continue this way for some time. There are some automations in the ruleset, but it is by no means as automated as 5E or PF. Still, it does everything we need it to do. Maps, LoS, and all those things are in there and work well. My players love the drag n' drop combat and spell effects.

The developers are approachable on the discord and are always seeking input on what features to implement next.
Thanks pralix1138 - and thanks all the other people who answered the question! I really appreciate that people take the time to share their thoughts.

i put a long reply to the last post but for some reason it went to moderation and didn't get posted. Nevermind! I'll put another up when i;ve finished work!

thanks again