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    it's been a while since I used Xcore (I've noticed there have been a lot of updates! Nice!)

    however, now it seems most of my rolls don't work anymore and I can't quite figure out why.. some work, other's don't. let me explain:

    my rolls are mostly "rollover[Primary_skill1|d]d6s[Primary_skill2|a]"

    for some reason sometimes if the roll has the a or b values changed the dice rolled bugs, (it rolls sometimes only 1d6, even sometimes 1d4???)

    I've made a simple character with the rolls to demonstrate the issue, let me know if someone might know what's causing this.

    (you'll see that the primary skill "Intuition" works as intended, unless the "a" value gets changed)
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    You have some strange examples in there that are almost circular but the primary issue is there is no space after the roll command in your examples:
    should be:
    rollover [Primary_skill1|d]d6s[Primary_skill2|a]
    If you make changes it is safest to then hit the * cog at the top of the sheet but in most cases it will resole at roll time.

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    awesome! That resolved the issue

    thanks a lot!

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    Hello Damian.
    Is there a way to remove or change the level? I know it's no possible to undo what the player did, but his mean to start from the scratch to build the character.

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    I was searching for a simpler MoreCore alternative and Xcore fit the bills !
    However i find the lack of support of the floor() and ceiling() function kinda upsetting (I'm using fraction, 1/3 etc, in calculation)
    Any plan in adding support for atleast these 2 functions ? Or is there an allready extension that do just that ?
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    Ah ok then.
    The floor() and ceiling() function are mathematical function that "get rids of decimals" making the number an integer of the lower value (floor function) or higher value (ceiling function).
    Here's a wiki article about that: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floor_...ling_functions.

    Certainly there's code allready available for these functions in xml, but i was kinda surprised that they didn't work in calculations for Xcore.

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    OK sorry, it's just that's a very specific user issue of disliking decimals in the results of calculation or simply put for readability when the results of a calculations as an infinite amount of decimal making it unreadable.
    I did indicated that I was using fractions (like 1/3) in calculations...and using "floor(calculation with fraction)" output a value of 0, thus i assumed it wasn't supported.

    I didn't want to be that bothering,sorry again Ididn't tough all that trough.

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