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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    Im wondering if a checkbox (or 4) on the charsheet that will apply the bonus/penalty to all dice while ticked might assist the players without the coding challenge and potential Keeper load.
    I think this would be an awesome addition. So players can tick what action they’re going to take during the round. I did try using modifiers as labels for players early on with the 7E ruleset release. It worked okay for 2 players or 3 at a push, the problem comes at the end of the round and clearing down the actions taken. So tick boxes that clear down when the round is moved on would be cool.

    Not wanting to sound like a broken record but I’d love to see some improvements to the vehicles and automation.

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    So the overall functionality needs to do this:
    Sum the amount of bonuses and penalties for a roll based on buttons, effects, and checkmarks, then cap the result to -2/+2 if the result exceeds either. I.e. if the applied effects for a given roll was [+1, -1, -2, -2], the end result would be -4, capped to -2, so 2 penalty dies are applied.

    List of effects
    I've tried to generate a list of situations, where adding bonus/penalty dies is consistent - in CoC, most cases are "up to the keeper's discretion" after all:

    The list is a mix of solutions, but the four [ongoing ...] can also be added as effects with an expiry of never, which - in my opinion - would be an easier/better approach.
    I can imagine having a checkbox to check for true, instead of simply an effect syntax, would require changes in core functionality. Having buttons to toggle (add/remove) the effect does the same, while keeping the effect syntax logic intact, and reducing the amount of variables in the code for where and how to check.

    As I very likely have missed something, feel free to make comments/suggestions

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    There's more if we look at Pulp. Among those that might come up frequently, there are pulp talents that grant an always-on bonus die to specific tests (e.g. "Keen Vision" affects all Spot Hidden rolls).

    There's also the oddball effect, like how dual wielding significantly increases the fumble range.

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    That's a very good point. I'll ask a buddy of mine if I can borrow his pulp Cthulhu rulebook and will update the spreadsheet accordingly

    (EDIT): The ones I figured made sense have been added
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    Looks good! For the effects, would it make sense to add...
    * Mania: 1 Penalty
    * Loading 1 bullet and shooting: 1 Penalty
    * Spell Effects causing Penalty: Evil Eye, Curse

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    Quote Originally Posted by StickClip View Post
    Looks good! For the effects, would it make sense to add...
    * Mania: 1 Penalty
    * Loading 1 bullet and shooting: 1 Penalty
    * Spell Effects causing Penalty: Evil Eye, Curse
    Added Source of Mania as a suggested effect and update Phobia to Source of Phobia.
    Reason for this being that I think being able to list the specific phobia/mania name(s) as an effect, without a mechanic attached to it, is important to just remember what the character is afflicted with. It's not until the investigator encounters the source of their phobia/mania that they actually get penalty dies (if I understood the rules correctly; I'm still fairly new at CoC)

    Added Load Single & Fire to list

    Added a few spell and monster abilities, but couldn't find anything about Curse. Can you direct me to a page in the KH where I can read more?

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    Thanks for adding those. Yep, you've got it right for phobias/manias.
    For Curse, it's in the Grand Grimoire.

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    Maybe the mini view could be expanded to be a modifier selector as well as attack abilities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianmward View Post
    The problem I see is making a system flexible enough to meet the different possible effects without making them apply when they should not (e.g. melee effects in ranged combat).

    The effect syntax for 5e is very complex, we would need something similar to cover the different effects in the rules.

    I'm not against this, but would want help in defining it and even then, it might be too much to implement, I'd have to see.

    Hey, just wanted check on this and share my thoughts after running a few scenarios on Fantasy Grounds (I'm coming from a different vtt)...

    * The big effect in CoC is sanity. Being able to track who has lost their marbles, and for how long, would be a big help.
    * I'm thinking making effects interface handle in CoC like it does in other rpgs (DnD, Savage Worlds, etc.) would make it easiest for GMs switching rule systems.


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    Sanity Loss and Insanity is automatically calculated.
    If you lose your 20% in one session it is automatically recorded on your character sheet.
    Not at my computer just now so cant share screen shots.

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