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    ARRGH hehehe no big. I broke those out and replaced every NPC and Encounter with the now incorrect ones and sent it to the guys for review pending them sending me new art.

    No big, I look at it as honing my search/replace in campaign folder skills.
    I see, I looked and found it - Letter Tokens.

    Do I do the same? Copy them to campain/tokens instead of the others? or do I need to use them from "@Letter Tokens" (whatever the name is) references? hopefully if its unzip and copy - it will be a simple swap tokens dir thing. If not, then a LOT of drag/drop again
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    Yes, unzip the letter tokens mod and add them to the campaign/tokens folder. With any luck they're named the same so might just replace the existing ones on export.
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    Sooo close

    But it wasn’t bad. I searched on campaign/tokens/A and global replaced campaigns/tokens/Medium/a and did it 25 more times with the other letters.

    Sure, I could google to setup a regents to match and do tolower but it was less effort as long as it was once only to do this (the easier alternative was reorder tokens to match other one but figure this way it’s in sync)

    Now just awaiting their art work.

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