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    Did you know... ? [video series of how I play with FGU/Extensions/Modules]

    Well this is a video series I plan to put out of long boring videos showing how I used FGU with extensions and various modules. This is not how 5E ruleset is in RAW FGU in my games - so this will be a high level - no detail other than showing you me doing the things I do and giving an overview (not going to explain what extensions do what parts all the time - you can ask if you need that info). Essentially, this is something to do for chuckles in my free time and you can take them or leave them as you see fit.

    Who knows? Maybe you'll learn something new! For instance,

    Did you know...

    What I can do with Character Creation?

    My version of it I mean... of course

    I'll add more as I do them. Every video will include a link to the one I show how the campaign setup was done that I use in all of them.

    Prepare to be very very bored

    Almost forgot - EXTENSIONS = RISK!!! Do not use them unless you are prepared emotionally for being broken by FGU updates, broken by other extensions, broken when the moon comes out.... etc.

    Playlist where I will keep the "Did you know..." series...
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    Not boring at all.

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    Did you know... Polymorphing can be easy?

    EXTENSIONS = RISK!!! These are not your normal FGU operations!
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    Did you know... raw FGU allows NPCs to be in marching order?

    I for sure did not! Pays to experiment!
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    Did you know... there are tricks to Map creation? [FGU 5E Ruleset]

    In this example, I'm doing complex LOS to preserve some visual graphics without shadow aberrations. Typically, I don't do this - instead I do a simple line in middle of a wall and slap doors etc. on any openings and live with any shadow aberrations that appear. But when I have a rich detailed map - I want to preserve some of that visual coolness without weird shadows for my players and do a bit more elaborate LOS. Anyway, always remember in large crowed maps you should keep LOS as simple as possible and lighting as minimal as possible. In small encounters though you can go nuts without much consequence. This is nuts FYI As usual, my way in my world, with extensions. And of course, one must always remember...


    [Note: Weezle brought to my attention that I used the default cut/paste option for each type of LOS - which meant for doors and windows it tried to make decisions for me on what lines to cut. I have not tried turning them off to see if it would have made my life easier - maybe you should try it for me and let me know! Also I did not attempt to block the outward corners (corners that are extending into the room) though in a real game I would have or at least made the transparent layer thinner at that point. There is no 100% solution for sure between making the shadows clean, exposing things you want seen, and maintaining realistic LOS. I should note also that filling your walls with terrain (like I do for roofs) will prevent any look around corners. So that is putting over window border a terrain matching border. ]

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    Did you know... filling walls with terrain can make them cover corners? [FGU 5E Ruleset]

    I do this with roofs in my games not sure why I forgot in above video to do this to the walls. I overlay terrain (green lines) onto the window (yellow lines) area to prevent seeing around corners while previous things prevent tokens from moving into the area.

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    And in my test world using this same map - I get no wall detail but am much lazier in my LOS definitions. And truth be told, this is how I usually do a map (maybe the lines will be a little bit inward to show the wall also).

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    Comments from Carl P on the map video:

    Helpful tip when creating closed polygons: if you hold ALT when adding your last point (either double-click or press ENTER), the last point will be connected to the first point—closing the polygon. For the map in this example, it looks like the wall edges align with the grid. When adding points, you can use the CTRL key to toggle the state of the grid snap while the CTRL key is pressed. E.g., with grid snap disabled, hold the CTRL key to snap new points to the grid. Releasing the CTRL key returns snapping to its previous state.

    Additional tip: when in the lighting panel, you can select multiple lights by dragging a selection rectangle. With multiple lights selected, you can edit common properties simultaneously. E.g., you can turn all of the selected lights on or off at the same time.
    Feel free to place tips in here as I'd love to learn stuff also. By no means do I consider this my private thread. I'll just dump stuff in here as I feel like it for the heck of it.
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    Did you know... you can design a session to have faster gameplay? [FGU 5E Ruleset]

    Now you won't be able to do what I do here without extensions - and you should remember EXTENSIONS = RISK!
    This is just what you CAN do if you get annoyed enough to write an extension to squash that annoyance! This is a live unedited 20+ minutes of boredom for you seeing me create a session (my way) from scratch.

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    I swear making this video is having me find stuff in my extensions and others extensions almost every time I make the attempt!

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