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    Gazetteer of the Known Realms

    Anyone have any knowledge of this title(Gazetteer of the Known Realms) or opinions? THANKS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhorgunn View Post
    Anyone have any knowledge of this title(Gazetteer of the Known Realms) or opinions? THANKS!
    Yep, it's DCC #35 and is primarily a gazetteer for the main areas of the Aereth campaign setting, but has some pretty nice maps (that if I remember correctly show the locations of several of the early DCC modules), also it comes with a couple of adventures (for D&D 3E).
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    If you're using the gods from the Core Rulebook there's some nice detail on them in the gazetteer. Plus there are numerous additional gods that could be added into any campaign if you so wished. If you're planning for a campaign in Azereth then it's an indispensable resource. It's a decent setting with a High Fantasy flavor typical of most D&D worlds. Since it was written for 3rd edition D&D there's rules information that isn't useful for DCC but that could be mined for ideas or used for cultural flavor ideas. The maps are nice and I've GIMPed the world map into a single map for Fantasy Grounds that I can send you if you buy the Gazetteer and plan on using it as your world setting. I planned on using it as my setting but then changed my mind and went with a purely homebrew setting of my own.

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    This is actually one of my prized RPG possessions, quite seriously - and I can't actually believe that it hasn't hit a DCC reprint kickstarter or something yet.

    It is pretty much in line with all the modern releases, but it's OGL-boom era layout is really, really busy.

    I have an eReader that can strip background images from PDFs in a text reflow - and it was the only way I could get through it reading without strain. I actually bought an eReader specifically for cases like this.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading it alongside the DCC Rulebook, and it is truly, underneath it all, the house setting for the game.

    The modern PDF scan of it on DrivethruRPG might be better than mine, but I actually found them because I had a hard time reading the actual... 'Twas a long time ago now.

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    This looks like a great product, Is it worth the $35 or so price tag in pdf?

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    Yeah, it's worth the dime - BUT - the layout is very, very much a busy early 2000s style - too much going on, shades of grey, difficult to read. I really feel that the era of 3.0/3.5 era D&D had some of the worst layout choices because the ability to incorporate background graphics was - for perhaps the first time - fully supported in computer publishing...

    If you can strip the backgrounds out, it is far easier to read and far more enjoyable. A dedicated reader (as in my case) helped a lot. The background is wonderfully just a bit sub-gonzo, with a huge amount of flavor. It still holds true to modern DCC last time I checked, because, well, I suspect they remember it all

    I highly recommend it, but caveats apply.

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