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    Will 13A 2nd Edition be a New Ruleset, or Will it be an Update for this Ruleset?

    I'm not part of the 13A 2E playtest, but from what I've read it mostly adds minor, incremental changes. So I'm wondering if it's going to be developed as a new Fantasy Grounds ruleset, or whether any changes it introduces will be rolled into this ruleset? From my reading, the degree of new rule features and changes to existing 13A ones, sounds equivalent to the changes made between Mongoose Traveller 2.0 and Mongoose Traveller 2.0 2022 update. All of the changes in MgT2e Update 2022 are going to be implemented in the existing FG ruleset free of charge.

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    At this point, I have not heard of anyone working on, or planning to work on 13A 2E. I have received some code from one of the community developers from time to time, but officially, this DLC and ruleset is in maintenance mode. If someone decides to take it on, I'm sure they'll pop in to say so.


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    As far as I know I'm still the developer of record for the existing 13th Age ruleset. But at this point I consider it in maintenance, so I'll only be fixing bugs. I was unaware of a 2nd edition of 13th Age, that would require a new developer as I'm not willing to commit to a whole new ruleset at this point.

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    from what i cam see it seems like there will be a lot of backward compatibility with old adventures, monster and lore books being backwards compatible including 13 Trueways which seems to suggest a entirely new ruleset will not be needed just the two new core books ( rule book is being split into a players an GM books) to be converted or just a community attempt at the new revised SRD

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