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    FGU function that given a light source tells me everything targetable in it.

    If I could have an FGU function that returned a list of targetable tokens illuminated by an individual light source - I could do wonders.


    For one I'd make a text interpreter that found all auras and assigned a light source for them that at any time I could call this "function" to get me a list a tokens I could then assign/remove effects to (aura effects). This way LOS is already taken care of and we don't even have to be aware of it.

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    Were you sitting on Santa's lap?
    LOL - was having someone point out they were talking about visual auras in a video with Doug, and I thought it was a crime they'd not simply make a simple function to return tokens any particular (not all together) light source could illuminate as that would be a SUPER powerful tool in the hand of extensioners. Though I'd settle for them creating aura support where auras with LOS limits were taken into account.
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