Game System: AD&D 1e/2e
Proposed Day of Week: Asynchronous Play By Post
Proposed Time of Day: Asynchronous Play By Post
Your Timezone: ET UTC-5
Proposed Frequency: Minimum 1 post every 2 days for PCs
Duration of Campaign: Until mission complete or failed
Duration of sessions: As you can post
Cost: Free. Tips accepted by cryptocurrency at end of campaign.
GM License: FGU Ultimate. GM will manage character sheets and orchestrate combat in FG.
Voice/Text: Microsoft Teams Text Only. Email address required for login.
Mix of RPG/Combat/Strategy: 70% Theatrical RP, 20%Exploration, 10% Combat
Permitted Source Books: PHB; Faith’s & Avatars; Demihuman Deities;
Complete Handbook of Barbarians, Bards, Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes & Halflings, Druids, Fighters, Paladins, Priests, Rangers, Thiefs, Wizards
Permitted/Restricted Player Options: Any from official sources permitted
Setting/Adventure Info: This is an original prequel to the Pool of Radiance 1e video game. The year is 1339 DR. You take your first job as a sellsword/spy in the City of Danger, Mulmaster. Your mission, travel to the city of Phlan, Jewel of the Moonsea, under the guise of a caravan guard. While your handler is getting you odd guard or labor jobs around the city during the day, you are to keep an ear out at the taverns during the evening for who the organized crime gangs are and if the Zhentarim are planning to displace them. Help other adventurers find the problem areas, let them deal with situation and be in your debt. Cause trouble for the Zhentarim, but do not let it be known Mulmaster and Thay are behind it.

What is Play by Post?
Play by Post (PBP) is playing using text over email, chat, message boards, etc. It is usually Asynchronous in that everyone does not have to be present at the same time. The players describe what they are doing in writing. The GM describes what happens, rolls attacks, etc. This makes it convenient for anyone to guide their character from anywhere, anytime, with a desktop PC, laptop, or smartphone.

How Will It Work?
You will receive an email invite to our Microsoft Teams site where the text chat and handouts are stored. The characters will describe their actions, place dialogue in quotation marks, and narrate their actions during encounters. The GM will respond in the channel with the results of the character's actions. Combat will be resolved by the GM using Fantasy Grounds.

How to sign up?
PM the GM with a request to join. You will need to provide you email address to log on to the system.