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    LFP (additional players): On going Tyranny of Dragons Hoard of the Dragon Queen 5E.

    Looking for additional consistent and committed players for an on going, weekly, long term Tyranny of Dragons campaign.

    Schedule: Weekly every Mondays 6:30-9:30 PM Pacific Time.
    Next session: Monday 12/5/2022. Session 0 for new players and continuing campaign.
    Communication through Discord.
    50/50 RPG, exploration and combat.

    Current Campaign: Heroes at level 4 and at chapter 4 of the Hoard of the Dragon Queen campaign, which is at a perfect time for new players to jump and join in on the campaign. PC is
    Heroes consist of a Ranger and Warlock. We had a stacked player count before but due to real life events, opportunities and responsibilities had dwindled down to 2. Other players tried to join in but tend to drop after 1 or 2 sessions after. We are looking for consistent and committed players that can join almost every week. We are new player friendly and are willing to teach new players on 5E or FG. If interested feel free to reach out on the thread or through DM.

    Hope to play with you all.

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    i'm interrested. what is the age of the group?

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    Hello, we are all adults in the group.

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    If this is still available, I would love to join. I was DMing Curse of Strahd, but had the same issue with players having to drop. I am also planning my wedding, so it was becoming very difficult for me to prepare my games. I would still love to play, though. If a position is still available, my discord is Mdhickerson#9184.

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    Thank you all for showing interest in the game. Currently we now have a full table of players. Will update if anything changes.

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    would not mind joining iam consistent i spend alll my time at my computer any way im down to join i like playing sorcerer, rouge, warrior and barbarian have not tried wizard or paladin or druid yet though i have exp on Fgu im still klunky on certain things but i like to learn and observe

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    you still need players?

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