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    Questions on player/token vision

    Hello, I am trying to learn all the ins and outs of dynamic lighting and vision so that I can make the best immersive experience for my players! While I have learned a lot from some of the videos on the FGU youtube and by consulting the wiki, there are still a few things that I don't understand that I'm hoping someone can help explain to me.

    First of all, when adding token vision in the lighting tab found in the image data panel there seems to only be 3 presets, Darkvision, Blindsight, and Truesight. Is there any way to tell it to give the token Normal vision?

    Also, does anyone know what the specific difference is between Near and Far vision range? From what I can tell it looks like you get bright vision within the Near range and dim vision within the Far range, but I have no idea how that interacts with either bright or dim light.

    I'm also wondering if there is a way to shortcut players using their own light sources. I know that you can add whatever light effect to their character in the combat tracker and then from there either I or a player could switch a lantern or what-have-you on and off at will. Is there a way to set that switch to something like the macro bar or onto the specific item in question such as the lantern in the player's inventory?

    My last question is I think 4E specific but I don't know enough about other editions to be sure. Some races, like Tieflings, have Low-Light vision instead of Normal or Dark. Is this something supported in FGU?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me here! I'm INCREDIBLY excited about playing D&D with dynamic lighting/vision, but I'm struggling to master its use on my own lol

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    Some answers to your questions:

    * By default, all tokens have "normal" vision. (i.e. if LoS/lighting enabled, token can see any lighted areas not blocked by LoS blockers.)

    * Near and Far lights/vision are a way to represent brightly lit/seen vs. dimly lit/seen areas (per many game system rules), where special vision types grant vision without light, based on near/far settings.

    * There's no automated setting for turning on/off effects in the default system. However, once an effect is applied by a player (from Effects window or PC sheet), they can turn the effect on/off themselves in the combat tracker.

    * Vision types which change viewing distance/brightness are not supported in FG, such as 4E low-light vision.


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    Thank you for your speedy response! This helps me a lot

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