DM Name: Jerry
Game Time: 11/29/22 6:30pm et
Game Style: Mix of everything, no rules lawyering. I like to have fun, safe game, and keep the game going. Very accommodating to beginners.
Way We Play: discord and fantasy grounds unity both free
Number Searching For: 3-6 players
I run several games online and I am looking to sell some cheap paid game sessions to get established on start playing games. All while doing what I love. Running and teaching D&D. I have run hundreds of sessions at home, online, and at Larp events. Fantasy grounds also calculates a lot of the math for you. So if that is a bother for you, don't worry much about it. Sign up, lets play, and have fun. The adventure is from the new D&D starter set. You are all adventurers who set out to explore storm wreck isle. You all seek something personal, will you find it? WEBPAGE BELOW TO SIGN UP!!!