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    Death Station

    I have a few comments/question regarding the Death Station module.

    There seems to be no LOS or Lighting effects on the maps. This seems to be a significant amount of missing material for a published adventure, and very important to this adventure. It's a haunted house story and the lighting or lack there of is important to set the tone.

    I note that this comes from the Forge. Is it possible to provide this information to someone so that it could be included?

    This adventure takes place on a ship with a curved deck (a large wheel in space). Due to this curvature you can't see more than 11.2 meters while standing, or 13.5 meters with your eyes at deck level. Is there a way to set a token so that vision is limited in some way? I don't want to characters see past that range limit without seeing lights in the distance that would effectively be around a corner.

    I will also add that the maps for the fuel tanks are missing for this adventure (they were never published in the original material). Can I place a fan made fuel tank map up for folks to use without violating copyright?

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    For limiting vision you should be able to use something like an effect; VISMAX: 11

    This would limit vision for each token to whatever your number is. Add the effect to the PCs in the CT. Maybe make it GM only visible to maintain the wall between GM info and Player info.
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    Thank you JohnD, that was an elegant solution that works wonders for this adventure. It also seems to actually enhance the "creepy factor" of Death Station. The jump scares are going to be wonderful.

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